Piotr Barszczowski

The last supper  XXI

I had a dream, how could the “LAST SUPPER” look like today

For years I have studied outstanding works depicting the „Last Supper”. The vast majority of them are long tables in conguration of a horizontal rectangle. This is how the Lord’s Supper was presented by Leonardo da Vinci, Salvador Dali, although… there were also works which showed approximate actual ancient way of eating the supper or introduced a surprising in the patriarchal world motive of women who really – and in harmony with the testimony of the Bible – also became witnesses of the Institution of the Eucharist.



NEWSTAINEDGLASS – what’s this?
I present the world which surrounds me as a net of permeating shapes as if it was a chessboard of black and white squares. The white ones are filled with fragments of a photography of macrophotography of various objects and their surface.



„When it comes to the film festival I organize every year I always wanted to commission each time a different artist to design a poster. However, since I met Piotr Barszczowski and got to know his works I have changed my mind. Piotr is an outstanding artist and that is why he is the sole author of the posters to every film festival in which I partake. I guess it truly justifies my view on his talent and artistic capabilities.”
Jerzy Świtek, organizer of film events

Artistic Foundation „Pegaz”

The Foundation is established to carry out comprehensive activities in the field of culture, art, and education.

The mission of the Foundation is to identify and support talented youth, reward hard and creative work, assist in the implementation of plans, ideas, and projects related to culture and art, and to empower those who are gifted, ambitious, and hardworking.

Piotr Barszczowski


PIOTR FRANCISZEK BARSZCZOWSKI, Doctor of Arts, a visual artist and photographer, visual communication designer, theologian and educator. He was born on June 8th 1972 in Tarnow in Poland. He is a graduate of two Cracow universities: The Academy of Fine Arts and The Pontifical University of John Paul II.