NEWSTAINEDGLASS – what’s this?
I present the world which surrounds me as a net of permeating shapes as if it was a chessboard of black and white squares. The white ones are filled with fragments of a photography of macrophotography of various objects and their surface. I establish banks of photos according to their dominating colour.Thus I arrange a palette of colours – ‘paints’ with which I paint afterwards.Permeating of shapes – things with things, persons with persons and persons with things – is a symbol of coexistence, interdependence and invisible communication between them. The composition, the story-telling ornament, its facture and the colour of a photography, its saturation which is also created by the black colour playing an important role and the most of all by the light which magically enlivens all which is between the black – all of this accounts for the optical effect which I called: NEWSTAINEDGLASS.